The Usenet – the alternative to the WWW!

The Usenet is a large worldwide network which provides an opportunity for those who share common interests to meet and exchange information in a virtual environment. Unlike the Internet, with which it is frequently confused, the Usenet is a collection of thousands of publicly accessible discussions on a wide range of topics rather than a purely technical network. Nevertheless, an Internet connection is required in order to process the data traffic generated by the Usenet.

Whereas using the Usenet was a relatively complicated business in the past, various providers now exist who attempt to secure the custom of users by offering simple and convenient access. The different products which are available are particularly aimed at simplifying the process of searching for and downloading files from the Usenet. In order to make it easier for you to choose between the various providers on the market, the following pages present three of the best known Usenet providers. The navigation at the bottom of the page also offers access to further useful information on various aspects of the Usenet. We hope you enjoy exploring the Usenet!

Summary of Usenet provider services

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  • unlimited download speed
  • security through: 256bit SSL encryption
  • newsreader
  • available in 9 languages
  • 24h Support

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  • downloads at 100 MBit/s
  • security through: 256bit SSL encryption
  • newsreader
  • available in English, German, French
  • 24h support free of charge

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Which Usenet provider is the right one for me?

Our major provider comparison takes a close look at every aspect of the services offered by the three Usenet providers. Each of the providers has strengths and weaknesses and scores points in different areas. For this reason, we simply recommend finding out your own favourite provider by registering for a free trial with all of them!
Please follow this link to our Usenet provider comparison!