Usenet provider comparison

As the popularity of the Usenet increases, the number of competitors on the market is also growing. All of these competitors are seeking to attract users by offering various download packages, newsreader and non-binding trial periods.

The difference between the different operators, however, often lies in the detail. Our extensive comparison provides you with an overview of the main features offered by each operator. Detailed information on the individual providers is provided in the separate test reports on USENEXT and

Summary of Usenet provider services

Softwarefree of chargefree of charge
Languages3 languages
(DE, EN und FR)
9 languages
after use
of monthly volume
2,000 bkit/s2,000 kbit/s
Binary retention3,000 days3,000 days
Free trial
14 days / 150 GB14 days / 300 GB +
Free Trial
Support24/7 Telephone -Hotline
(toll free)
24/7 e-mail/Telephone
35 GB / from € 8,3330 GB from € 7,95
80 GB from € 9,95
250 GB from €19,95
Mark4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
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Our test verdict

Increasing competition in the branch has meant that the services offered by the main providers have become more similar. Although there is not much difference in price between the various operators, test winner USENEXT scores points by offering a multi-lingual newsreader, unlimited download speed and eight server farms.

Our recommendation: take advantage of the free trial packages to test out all the providers easily and without obligation!