The Usenet

The Usenet

Although the Usenet has been increasingly attracting the attention of Internet users for some time, it is by no means new. It is, in fact, significantly older than the WWW itself. The beginnings of the Usenet go back to 1979 when it was conceived by Tom Truscott and Jim Ellis. Despite the Usenet’s increasing popularity, many surfers will never have heard of it. Which brings us to the following question.

What exactly is the Usenet?

The name Usenet is actually an abbreviation of “Unix User Network”. The Usenet is a global electronic network which is structured in a similar way to the Internet. Seen in overall terms, it now provides the largest platform in the world for the exchange of files and news. Information and news are exchanged via discussion forums, the so-called newsgroups. In order to view these newsgroups and take part in the discussions yourself, you will generally need to use special software, a newsreader. This software is provided free of charge by a number of Usenet providers. Modern newsreaders also make it easier to search for and download files and thus facilitate navigation across the broad expanse of the Usenet.

The Usenet as a free opinion forum and immense download archive

The Usenet has one advantage over many Internet applications and services: no censorship takes place. The many thousands of newsgroups offer all different kinds of downloads. Applications and software can also be obtained via the Usenet. All of this means that the only limits are those set by the user. To put it in a nutshell, if you are searching for anything at all you will find it in the Usenet.

The Usenet is also characterised by its large number of participants and high speed. New discussion topics are available to millions of participants worldwide in a matter of seconds. To sum up, the Usenet is a giant discussion forum via which opinions and information on an inexhaustible range of topics can be exchanged on a daily basis. It is also an immeasurably large download archive containing millions of files for download on every conceivable subject!

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