USENEXT test report

USENEXT is one of the oldest, largest and best known Usenet providers. Its services are available in 9 languages, and this means that it is also well positioned internationally. Our detailed test report will inform you whether USENEXT is the right provider for you.

USENEXT features

+ unlimited download speed

+ secure 256-bit SSL encryption

+ 24h telephone and Internet support

+ available in 9 languages

+ 8 server farms worldwide

+ free newsreader

Test verdict

Although bigger does not necessarily always mean better, USENEXT was the largest of the three providers we tested and emerged as the winner of our Usenet provider comparison. USENEXT is the number one provider in the branch and was able to score points with high download speeds and a product aligned towards international markets featuring 8 server farms worldwide and a newsreader which is available in 9 languages.

Get a free 14-day trial with the test winner USENEXT!

USENEXT registration

Registration is easy and takes place via the USENEXT homepage. Once registration has taken place, USENEXT offers a non-binding 14-day trial period. This period provides you with an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the service and with the Usenet. You will be sent an e-mail to remind you of the expiry of the 14-day trial period shortly before it comes to an end. You now have an opportunity to choose from various packages designed to meet individual requirements, the so-called “hybrid rate”. Alternatively, you may simply cancel the service before the end of the 14 days by a single click of the mouse in the member area.

Try out USENEXT free of charge

As mentioned above, you may try out USENEXT free of charge for 14 days. All you need to do is register for the service on the USENEXT homepage. Customers then receive the full version of the USENEXT service and are able to download 10 gigabytes in high-speed mode” at maximum broadband speed. A further 300 GB can then be downloaded in the “Free Volume” mode, although speed is reduced to 2,000 kbit/s.

If you wish to try out USENEXT completely without obligation, you can download 1 gigabyte using the “Free Trial Client”. A valid e-mail address is all that is required. The trial period automatically ends once the download volume has been used up. This means that no cancellation is necessary!

The Freezone

One special feature which sets USENEXT apart from other providers is the Freezone. USENEXT customers can download open source content in this special area, such as freeware, music and trailers. And the best thing about it: It doesn’t use up any of your download volume! In other words, users can download as much as they want from the Freezone, and that at maximum speed. The Freezone has been freely available online since 19 April. In addition, the Freezone also includes a list of the latest and most popular downloads. Interested customers can therefore browse the Freezone’s content absolutely free of charge online.

USENEXT support

The USENEXT support team is available 24/7 via a telephone hotline. Alternatively, customers can use a contact form to get in touch with support. FAQ’s are also provided in a separate section of the site.

Packages and costs

The “hybrid rate” concept provides customers with a selection of various packages. Costs vary according to term of agreement and download volume.

Customers can initially choose between three packages offering 30, 80 or 250 GB/month. Each package also offers the choice of two tariffs with different agreement terms. If you select the longer term, monthly costs will be correspondingly lower. All packages feature the “Free Volume” mode, which enables unlimited further downloads at a speed of 2,000 kbit/s even if the high-speed download volume has been used up.


USENEXT is operated by Aviteo Ltd. in Munich, Germany. The precise address of the operator is:

Aviteo Ltd.

Theresienstrasse 6-8

80333 Munich, Germany

VAT Number: DE 235 935 122

Trade Register Number: HRB 153436 Munich

Managing Director: Christian Robert Schütze

The brand name USENEXT is now being used in Europe as a synonym for the Usenet itself. This comes as no surprise given the fact that USENEXT is one of the largest and best known providers on the European continent. It is however important to note that the name “USENEXT” only refers to a Usenet access provider from Aviteo. The actual access software (the so-called “client” or “newsreader”) can basically be selected freely from several options available, although there might be extra charges for some of them. As standard, USENEXT users are offered the free Tangysoft client. The latter newsreader is now available in 9 languages and is used the world over. Operations are secured via eight server farms located worldwide.