Usenet search

Searching in the Usenet

The newsgroups in the Usenet contain an unlimited amount of information and files relating to every conceivable topic. In the past, this enormous volume of data often meant that it was difficult to search for particular content in the Usenet.

There are basically two ways of finding information in the Usenet. The first way is via special Usenet search engines. These search the Usenet in a manner similar to the way in which Google & Co. search the Internet. Various Usenet search engines seek to attract the users of the WWW.

They all, however, have one major drawback in common. Conducting searches using such search engines is cumbersome. File downloads in particular are often only possible if a additional newsreader is used. In addition to this, many providers only allow users to search for text documents. File searches are not possible at all in such cases. All of this means that it is difficult to achieve satisfactory search results via this method, especially for beginners.

Simple Usenet search

A better and easier search method is to use modern newsreaders. This access software is offered by the Usenet providers and makes it child’s play to search the Usenet for the information and files you require. The Usenet search function is supported via a large number of search options. Users can also receive automatic notification of new postings by subscribing to newsgroups.

The fact that the download function is directly integrated into the software also makes it easier to download files. Files which consist of several different parts are, for example, automatically reassembled and downloaded in complete form. The intuitive user interface also makes newsreaders suitable for use by those new to the Usenet.

Newsreaders are, therefore, definitely the better alternative for beginners and users who do not wish to spend a long time familiarising themselves with the software. A summary of the various providers is available here.